A project by Oody to support the owners of restaurants in Bangkok

By answering the simple questions below, we will help to promote your business through our app for free!

Oody development team is working on building a 21st century Yellow Pages for local businesses, which will be launched in September 2021 featuring Bangkok as the main city. We believe the purpose of running a restaurant is not just to provide food by delivery, but a total dinning experience. Through our Meetup group - Bangkok Foodies & Travelers Meetup, we are able to promote your restaurant to 3,000+ members. We thought it would be a good idea for the restaurants that are suffering. All we ask is some discount for our members.

This is how it works - we will create a banner for you when you provide details of the restaurant using the form below. The banner will look like this.


* There will be a category named "Find Local Food".

We will then inform the group members and other online media to use Oody to get discounts upon presenting the banner at your restaurant.


It is completely free for you and Oody app users



Consider OodyKiosk banner as an advertisement but more straightforward and more simple to use than other online/offline platforms. What do we get out of this? We want to build our online presence and compete with Tripadvisor. Since we are a small self-funded team - not from the Silicon Valley or being backed by anyone, we figured that it is the best to grow by providing benefits to our users and to businesses.


Thank you! We believe our new idea will help your business, and our members/users will benefit from it as well. We will contact you soon to confirm the information provided above.